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Miketsu Yuukine
Artist | Student | Digital Art
...ヾ( `ー´)シφ__ writing a newer one...


The Day
Today's the day...Finals start today...with Mongolian Language...
Wish me luck (dunno if anybody will)
[MMD] Secret Flower Garden

Anyways...I remodeled my BB models cuz they sucked On the Ball
I won't be active on DA until 1st of June (Not like I post that much...)
[MMD] Birthday Present
This was originally for my sister's birthday...but why the heck not <|0_0|>   <--- Did anyone get that?
[MMDxFNaC] Candy and Cindy V2 Download
I took a screenshot because my computer's video memory ran out ;-;

Please follow all the rules( In the readme folder and model info ) but mostly, have fun! ( ^_^ )
Tagged by :iconnekroz-of-mokey:
You Have To Post These Rules.
Each Person Has To Share 13 Things About Them.
Answer The 13 Questions Asked To You And Invent 13 Questions The People You Tag Will Have To Answer.
Choose 13 People.
You Have To Tag 13 People, If You Can.
Tag-Backs Are ALLOWED.
Be Creative With The Title. No "I've Got Tagged" Things
You Can't Say You Don't Do Tags

1. Normal anime fan
2. I easily get bored of things
3. Loves perverted songs like Gigantic O.T.N, Plus Boy, Ifuudoudou...
4. I am Mongolian
5. I am 13 years old
6. Loves smut books
7. Former SAO fan
8. I have an old computer (2007XD)
9. EntoanThePack, Kubz Scouts fan
10. I use Wattpad 24/7
11. I usually sleep at 4 or 5 am and wake up at 10am
12. Likes nighttime more than daytime
13. My favourite singers are Kradness, Shoose, Sojiro, 96neko and Reol.


1. Worst public chat that is not a forum, or in a forum format? (no 4chan kek)
2. DC or Marvel?
3. Weebs VS Rednecks all out war?
Maybe Weebs...
4. Favorite rule of the Internet? (why)
Rule 35 and no apparent reason.
5. MrEnter VS the World all out war?
     What's that?Do you smosh a temmie? 
6. Subliminal messaging okay? Illuminati
7. Favorite color?
All shades of violet
8. Cringiest questions around the web? (inb4 "all of your tagging questions")
There are MILLIONS of them.(Can't point out one)
9. Let's not tag back, hey?
*Crosses Finger* sure...
10. Filler questions aside, dumbest icon you have seen? (Specifically community emoticons, I have already seen a few just making this)
       Cat Bullet Black 
11. Rated G Fifty Shades: would you fund it? I know I would.
I Would.
12. Worst song?
Sweatshirt by Jacob Something that I don't remember
13. Aren't you glad that's over?

My Questions:
1. What fandom are you in?
2. Do you read fanfictions? If so, then what type do you like the most?
3. Favourite song?
4. Favourite colour?
5. Pancakes or Waffles
6. Favourite rule of the internet?
7. What was the last lie you told
8. What question do you hate to answer?
9. If you could give up your 10 years of life to the satan for 1 year of time freeze power, would you do it?
10. How do you start a conversation?
11. What is your favourite curse word? (I know some of you don't like to curse)
12. Am I mean to you?
13. How are you feeling right now?

Tag, you're it!
:iconjemmajennish: :iconthestevieboy: :iconstewie106: :iconk-ennys: :iconcicadaem0n: :iconnekroz-of-mokey: and anyone that sees this.


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